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Valoroso "Robusto" Style Pear Tomatoes, 6/#10 Cans

Valoroso "Robusto" Style Pear Tomatoes, 6/#10 Cans

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Valoroso "Robusto Style" Pear Tomatoes are packed with a sprig of fresh basil in a robust, heavy juice, and offer full-bodied flavor and meaty texture required in traditional Italian family-style cooking.
Valoroso Pear Tomatoes set the gold standard among pear tomatoes available anywhere! Their rich flavor, firm texture, and unwavering consistency can after can make them ideal for preparing hearty, trattoria-style food.

Item Information

  • Pack: 6
  • Size: #10
  • Storage Type: Dry


For the freshest possible tomato flavor, use Valoroso alone or blended with other Stanislaus tomato products to achieve your ideal sauce thickness. Avoid "cooking down" tomato products to create a thicker sauce, or adding water to thin it - both practices damage fresh flavor!

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Additional Information

  • Barcode: 30071933859110
  • Country of Origin: US


Vine-ripened fresh pear tomatoes, heavy tomato juice, salt, fresh basil leaf, calcium chloride, and naturally derived citric acid.

Serving Suggestion

Valoroso Pear Tomatoes are ideal for all traditional tomato-based Italian "family-style" dishes, and are a favorite base for "sugo" (Italian "tomato gravy", usually served with pasta).

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