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Honey is the nectar and saccharine exudation of plants, gathered, modified and stored in the comb by honeybees. Liquid honey is honey that has been separated by filtering and is free from visible crystals.
Extra Light Amber is a multi-versatile Honey. Honey is a natural volume building component, it can be whipped into any airy mass especially useful

Item Information

  • Pack: 6
  • Size: 3#
  • Storage Type: Dry


Honey used in baked goods holds and contributes moisture, eliminates dryness and crumbliness and enhances the texture. The gluconic acid and tartness found in honey can be used to enhance the flavor in sauces and dressings. Honey contains a low pH (3.9); thus when blended into beverages and dairy products, honey will not disrupt the pH balance.

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Additional Information

  • Barcode: 60081279630015
  • Country of Origin: AR



Serving Suggestion

Glazes, Baking, Sauces, Relishes, Toppings, Salad Dressings, Hot Beverages, Cereals, Waffles, Biscuits, Pancakes, Chicken, Pork or Ham

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